Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Foreclosure is funny?

Hey, did you hear this joke that made its way around the Internet: "The economy is so bad that seven out of 10 houses on Sesame Street are in foreclosure"?

Or, did you see a recent issue of The New Yorker with a cartoon with a man and a woman walking from a house with a large "For Sale: Foreclosure" sign on its lawn? The woman carried two suitcases and a glum expression, while the man lugged a large crate and said, "Well, this is one way to keep the kids from moving back home."

Or were you aware of the Oregon theater company that advertised its production of Anton Chekov's "The Cherry Orchard" as "the ultimate foreclosure comedy"?

Or how about the YouTube comedy videos featuring the taglines "A touch of humor added to the foreclosure nightmare - why not?" and "Hilarious door knocking foreclosure humor"?

A strategic-default advocacy website called has a cartoon of Old Mother Hubbard leaving her celebrated shoe house while saying, "They foreclosed, so we are moving to a flip-flop."

Comic Dick Gregory joked about the foreclosure procedures he was facing. ''I'm surprised to see there's a story about somebody losing a house,'' Gregory said. ''I thought the news nowadays was when somebody can afford to buy a house.''

Thanks  Phil Hall @ Mortgageorb