Bankruptcy Case Law

2010 Cases -US Supreme Court

Sternberg v Johnston

Milavetz v US

Ranson v MBNA

Hamilton v Lanning

Schwab v Reilly

United States v Espinosa

Marrama v Citzens Bank

2011 Cases -FL Supreme Court

Sup Ct FL     No. SC09-751     2/3/11
Cite: Osborne v. Dumoulin, — So. 3d –, 2011 WL 320986 (Fla. 2011)
Osborne v. Dumoulin (In re Dumoulin), 326 Fed. App‟x 498, 502 (11th Cir. 2009)

In the Osbourne decision, Chief Justice Canady explains that a bk debtor need not do anything affirmative to not claim or receive the benefit of the homestead exemption. A homeowner can choose the $4,000 wildcard exemption if it provides a greater protection than the homestead exemption would. Actual abandonment of the home is not necessary. HOWEVER, the Court states, “When the debtor in bankruptcy does not claim the homestead exemption, the debtor effectively surrenders the homestead to the trustee for administration.” The trustee can sell the home whether occupied or not.