Foreclosure Defense and Options to Foreclosure

If your home is in financial distress or you are in danger of losing your home to foreclosure, you have several options that can help save your home. Carol A. Lawson helps homeowners in Pinellas and Hillsborough County in dealing with lenders and their attorneys to help them through these difficult times.

What Should You Do?

We can assist you by defending you in a foreclosure lawsuit, or otherwise work with your lender to seek a workout solution by Equity Sale, Short Sale, Loan Modification, Foreclosure, Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure, Chapter 7, Chapter 13, or other alternatives that might be available for you if you qualify.

If you or your property is in distress or danger, the worst thing you can do is nothing. Failure to act will result in permanent loss of certain rights you may have. Please do not delay.

Your Rights Under the Law

Carol A. Lawson will help you access the options provided to you by law. Our assistance to you in foreclosure defense or other distress relating to your mortgage will depend on your specific circumstances or hardship. We will work with the lender for you to tailor a workout solution based on your specific needs and abilities to the fullest extent possible.

Even if you do not retain Carol A. Lawson do not postpone seeking legal representation to help you with your mortgage or foreclosure.

If you will allow us to help you, please call our office TODAY to schedule a consultation in our Clearwater office at (7270 410-2705 you will speak directly to the attorney. You can also set up an appoint by email at We have weekend and evening appointments.