Friday, August 12, 2011

New Eviction Method

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iPad or Other Tablet?

I want an IPAD- I covet the iPad and would love for Apple to send  me one like they have some legal blogger-- her that Apple?

But  there is even more reason to chose the iapd with all the IP suits and drama

Braids being cut off

What is going on in NY?   We have children getting their braids cut off on the way to school

We have children getting their braids cut off in Kindergarten by classmates
They're young, but shouldn't they know better? If not addressed, the psychological effects of long-term bullying are bad enough without tacking on that now this five-year-old girl has to walk around with a patch of hair missing from the back of her head. 

Schools and Judges taking no action

Teacher chops off child's braid

 People need to teach their children to keep their hands off of other people  PERIOD.

When my son was in Pre-school- a religous one mind you, another child cut my son't face- he was 3 and 1/2 at the time. The school did nothing about it.   My son still has a scar to this day although a faint one.   I really wish I would have sued the school and the parents of the little psychopath !!  The  school system needs to protect these kids system needs to protect these kids.  It's just hair it will grow back is not acceptable.

Are we in a Recession or is it still to come?

I personally thought we were in a Recession, but the experts say it's still coming. See the attached story.

Bankruptcy filings up in 2010 from 2009- No Suprise.

The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 requires the director of the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts to submit an annual report to Congress on certain bankruptcy statistics.

The report, which includes multiple charts and an interactive map, shows that more 1.5 million bankruptcy petitions were filed by individuals with predominately nonbusiness debt in 2010 – an increase of 9 percent over 2009.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

London Riots?

The following was a quote about the riots in London off

“multicultural society, as the history shows, never works in times of lack of prosperity!

Real calamities always unite a culturally homogenous society-Japan an example; divides even more multicultural ones..

You are right! The changes to the unsustainable social systems are coming! “

I was wondering?

So what we start kicking people out of the country? Once we deport the foreigners,  who do we start on next? And what about those with multi ethnic backgrounds, which country do we send them to? How far back do we go since only the Indians were here in the first place and we decimated their civilization. Do I get to stay because I have 1/2  British Ancestors? Are there really any homogenous societies left?

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