Friday, May 3, 2013

Check Your Credit Report After Bankruptcy

A Creditor May Continue to Report a Debt

The most common way in which credit reporting errors are discovered is at the most importune time, a new credit application rejection. Old debt discharged in bankruptcy may still be reported as delinquent when the debts should have been removed or a settled debt is still listed as owed to the creditor.

The Inaccurate Reporting Maybe the Result of Credit Reporting Agency Negligence
While the Fair Credit Reporting Act was designed to protect consumers from faulty credit reporting there are often allegations of negligence against the three main credit-reporting agencies. You will need to send demand letters to each agency to clear up the errors.  If they refuse a suit may be necessary.

The Bottom Line, Check your Credit Report After Bankruptcy or Debt Settlement
Do not wait until you hear from a lender that there is a problem with your credit report. While experienced counsel can resolve these issues, the time for resolution may be outside the time constraints of a real estate purchase or new car loan application.