Monday, June 6, 2011

ABA is Unfair!

The above article angers me to no end.   I have a child with ADHD the girl is entitled to accommodations under the ADA. 
When I was in college and law school "the system' was a kinder and gentler place.   I know people who received extra time on college exams, law school exams, GRE, SAT, LSAT, Bar Exam........  for a variety of reasons.   None of them ever were rejected or had to sue for their rights.   There was a gentleman in my school, Thomas Cooley Law School- who used a machine in the library to read the tests and books to him because he was blind, and another student used it because they had dyslexia.   One of my study partners took his exams in a private room with a proctor because of his anxiety issues. 
I will be the first to tell you we do not need more lawyers or law schools-- but everyone should be given an equal change, and some times that means they need extra time, more breaks, or a quieter environment.