Thursday, May 19, 2011

Chip Parker and Matthew Weidner Under Bar Investigation

The Bar has confirmed it is investigating are Stern, Watson, Marc Ben-Ezra, Barry Fishman, Robert Kahane and Gerald Shapiro. The Daily Business Review also learned defense lawyers Parker and Weidner were among those under investigation.

Parker learned he was under scrutiny in a letter from Bar counsel Shanell Schuyler last Dec. 3. The letter, obtained by the Review, includes a link to Parker's CNN interview and advises him to explain his on-camera statements in writing by Dec. 20 in light of The Bar's Rule of Professional Conduct 4-8.2 prohibiting lawyers from making false or reckless comments about court personnel.

Parker said he hasn't been told who filed the complaint due to confidentiality rules, but he heard it was an offended judge. He reached out to constitutional lawyer Talbot "Sandy" D'Alemberte, a former president of the American Bar Association and Florida State University, whom he had met at a recent dinner honoring Parker. D'Alemberte intervened at The Bar, and the case was dropped Jan. 13, 2011.

D'Alemberte also is helping Weidner at the request of the Florida Press Association and the First Amendment Foundation, which were contacted by Weidner. He declined comment on his pending investigation. But D'Alemberte said he believes the case also will be dropped.

Of 90,000 lawyers in Florida, 8,100 disciplinary files were opened by The Florida Bar, and 155 lawyers were disbarred last year.

I like Matt, but he travels to Court with a  news reporter and he has clients which break in and move back in to houses after the property has gone to sale - (break ins are not under the advice of counsel - Matt Weidner). Those things are just looking for trouble - I am actually suprised the Bar is not looking into those things.   A CA attorney was disbarred for advising clients to break into houses and retake possession.