Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Facebook the Suit is still going!
Winklevoss' Brothers are such assholes!  Mark Zuckerberg  looks like a nice guy by comparison and according to the movie he screwed over his best friend.

ConnectU founders claim Facebook, during mediation, led them to believe the company stock they would acquire was worth about $35.90 per share, and that they only learned later that Facebook had obtained an expert valuation of $8.88 per share. In rejecting the fraud claims, the panel noted the ConnectU founders entered mediation with a bevy of lawyers and a financial adviser at their sides. They made a deal that "appears quite favorable in light of recent market activity," Chief Judge Alex Kozinski wrote, pointing out that investors recently have valued Facebook at $50 billion — more than three times the value at the time the deal was struck.