Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lawyer Loses License for Advising Clients to Break Into Foreclosed Homes

Citing "substantial harm to clients or the public," the State Bar of California has removed the law license of Michael T. Pines, who it said had helped clients get into their foreclosed homes, despite warnings by courts and police.


Michael T. Pines, a lawyer who garnered substantial media coverage for advising clients to break into their foreclosed homes now has no bar  license.   He has shown complete disrespect for the law, the courts and especially the best interests of his clients. Removing Mr. Pines from active practice is an important step in our mission of public protection.

Although Pines asserted that his clients were illegally foreclosed upon, the state bar maintains that they had no legal right to break into the houses, which were located in Carlsbad, Newport Beach and Simi Valley, Calif.