Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Do You Have a Lawyer Personality?

According to the Hildebrandt study, lawyers are:

• High scorers on learning, "suggesting that they value education and enjoy academic activities";

• Self-critical and temperamental;

• Lousy on interpersonal sensitivity. They are task-oriented and speak their minds, coming across as "cold, critical, and argumentative";

• Easily excitable, "becoming tense and overly critical";

• Cautious to the extent they have a hard time taking risks and making decisions; and

• Resistant to authority and skeptical of others.

Still, the report finds that lawyers "prefer environments that are stylish, entertaining, and flexible"--though those preferences seem to be mainly expressed by associates rather than partners. In other words, by the time associates become partners, the vestiges of hedonism have probably been beaten out of them.