Thursday, September 30, 2010

For decades now, women lawyers have been trying to crack the male code and break into the exclusive boys' club at work. You know, the one where men always seem to get the plum assignments, the client credit, the power and the glory.

All this time we thought it was the testosterone, coupled with all that cultural stuff (football, golf, and stupid, action-packed movies) that made the male order so impenetrable. We were so wrong!!! They also get a big boost from boot camp--extreme boot camp. The kind where male lawyers get naked (literally).  At least in Californa- can't say I ever heard of a Florida law Firm doing this, but then being a girl they probably wouldn't tell me anyway.

Bummer that there's no female equivalent to that kind of intense bonding. Those women mentoring events, work/life balance discussion groups, and occasional shoe-shopping excursions are lame and tame compared to getting naked in front of your boss and colleagues. 

If you want to mentor me, how about a spa day or a shopping trip, after all I am a city girl.